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Military Appreciation Page

Support Our Troops I am a patriotic American & Rotary club member, who avidly support’s our military service men and women, their families and communities. Many of my patients are in fact Military members and their families. We at Athena Clinic honor those who have kept and continue to keep our country safe by risking their lives in the face of adversity. In gratitude to the service they provide to our country, our clinic offers a military discount to all service men and women and their families that support them.

Dr Robert Peterson
Doc BW   Military

Patient Testimonials

“Thank you Dr Peterson for giving me the bra size I always wanted. After returning from my tour of duty in Iraq, I couldn’t have asked for a better gift to myself and your staff are so wonderful to deal with and I felt very well taken care of.”
Macy. L. G
US Army

“The best decision I ever made was having liposuction at Athena clinic. Even after working out I still had love handles I couldn’t get rid of. Now I fit in my uniform perfectly and my wife loves how I look.”
Kevin. P. F
US Navy

“My husband is over the moon with my new breast implants and liposuction to my tummy. When he came back from the gulf he was so surprised and he absolutely loved it. I am so happy to have my body back after having my two kids, finally! Dr Peterson really took care of me and I love the girls in the office. Thanks you so much.”
Amy. P. K
Military Spouse

“I just couldn’t wait to get home and have my botox and my lips fuller after 15 months in Iraq. I wanted to do something special for myself, so I could feel like a girl again. My lines have now gone and my make up goes on smother than ever. Thanks to your magic touch Dr P.”
Melissa. M. S
US Air Force

“I had a facial peel with Dr Peterson and also a Thermage treatment, which lifted my face without surgery. My skin was as smooth as a babies behind and I love the fresh look I now have. I don’t look so tired anymore.”
Kelly. B. V
Military spouse


Note: The $500 discount voucher is off the first procedure over $5000, at one voucher per patient. If you have a secondary surgery you will receive a discount of $250 off any
procedure over $2,500.
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