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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Robert Peterson, MD

Patient Testimonials

I would like to thank Dr. Peterson for his kindness and compassion while using fillers to remove a childhood bump on my nose. It is not only perfect, natural, and subtle but it gave me a new confidence about myself that I can’t begin to express. This is not the first procedure that I have had with Dr. Peterson but this was the most sensitive to me and so with his care, expertise, and craft he was able to successfully change the way I feel about myself by adjusting the overall appearance of my nose in an non-invasive way. Since being treated by Dr. Peterson both him and his staff have gone above and beyond in their care for me and I certainly appreciate that. I could not be any more pleased with the results and I am grateful to be able to trust his work and for that I am sincerely thankful. *

– Ashley W.

I would like to take this time to describe my experience with Dr. Peterson and his staff. First, I am extremely pleased with Dr. Peterson, his staff, and the outcome of all 3 of my procedures done at the Athena Clinic. When I first decided to undergo plastic surgery I interviewed several doctors on Oahu and, for the first time in my search I felt well taken care of and professionally looked at, was at the Athena Clinic.

His staff is very nice, ethical, as well as professional, and cared for my wants and needs in a very special way. My first procedure had a very deep impact on my body and the recovery was a hard process But the staff made sure that I was well taken care of and could go home, knowing they would care for me, even in the after office hours. During the time visiting the clinic, every single staff member was always very nice and polite to me and made me feel as if I did not have to worry about anything regarding the procedure.

Every one worked as a team – Jennifer at the reception was always on top of her work, and knew exactly what needed to still be done with regards to me, Tobey (one of the clinical nurses) always knew what was in my file and made sure that my medical needs are met and Dr. Sun and Dr. Lu gave me the best before and after treatment; finally, Dr. Peterson truly worked surgical magic on me. I am very grateful to each one of them and can only recommend the Athena Clinic to anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon with an outstanding team. *

– A.K

For Dr. Peterson & Staff
I cannot recommend Dr. Robert Peterson, and his excellent staff, more highly. After 2 c-sections and a hysterectomy, I am no stranger to abdominal surgeries * …Read More

Dr. Peterson is superb! I was told by a world renowned plastic surgeon that Dr. Peterson was brilliant so I went in to see him with a certain level of self confidence. However, personal experience is the best judge and I found out from my own experience that this was true. I wanted fillers to restore my face to a more youthful appearance. I found Dr. Peterson a master at doing this. He understands the architecture of the face and how to enhance the planes of the face to achieve a natural contouring effect unique to your individual bone structure. I am so happy with my results. He did not make me look like a lot of the T.V. and movie personalities that have so much filler they all look as though they came from the same gene pool with chipmunk cheeks….nor did he flatten my face by placing the filler in the wrong place or give me a pillow face effect. In addition, what I liked about Doctor Peterson is that he did not hype what he could do but rather performed excellent results for me. Therefore, I want to share this information with others as your face is the first thing anyone looks at and a doctor who has hands on expert knowledge and understanding is a gift. I am really grateful to you Dr. Peterson…Mahalo! *

My experience at Athena Clinic really was way better than I had initially imagined. Being my first liposuction and surgery of this sort, I was pretty hesitant and couldn’t help but wonder if I was making the right decision. However my initial consultation experience made me feel welcome. The receptionist was very kind, nurses outgoing and friendly, and the Doctor very knowledgeable and professional. I would suggest any prospective client come prepared with questions, because Dr. Peterson will be prepared to fill you in. I really liked how I wasn’t bogused regarding what to expect post-op. There were no surprises. All in all, I felt cared for and as though I was in excellent hands. The air was light and calm, removing the fear and tension I was holding regarding the procedure. What a wonderful staff. They were even accommodating for my personal preferences, such as music choice during the procedure, and went out of their way to make me happy, satisfied, and unjudging of my unusual requests. I had a great experience. If I met someone who was interested in this sort of thing, I would recommend them to Athena Clinic in a beat. *

Dr. Peterson is exceptional! I had 3 consults before him and doctors will be friendly which is expected but Dr. Peterson was a listener to my needs. He made professional suggestions and told me the predicted outcomes of the ideas I had. I researched and reviewed before deciding and last week I went through with my breast augmentation and I am so pleased. I’m still in recovery. 3 days after my surgery it hurt as to be expected but now I’m just taking it slow. My breasts look amazing!! I had textured silicone implants put in. It’s amazing how a fuller pair of breast with a better shape can make you feel! Dr. Peterson’s entire staff was great! They were confident in their doctor and with every reason. I was not uncomfortable ever asking questions and his implants are the latest best quality which makes me confident about what is in my body. This augmentation was what I wanted after breast feeding and as us ‘moms’ know things change. I look great again and clothes shopping is soooo nice! My incisions are very even and my breast are happy perky and full! Jenn the front desk receptionist and manager is a perfect face for that office. She is kind and helpful and always has a smile. Lex ..she is one of those friendly people who just gets you. I looked forward to seeing her. The anesthesiologist before surgery had me laughing and not at all anxious. The entire staff made clear that my safety and comfort was their focus. Thank you Dr. Peterson and staff!! *

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