Breast Implant Surface

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Textured or Smooth Surface Breast Implants

SURFACE – You’ve picked out a round or anatomical implant. What surface should the implant have? You can choose a smooth surface breast implant or a textured surface breast implant.

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Textured Implants: Why do some implants have textured surfaces? All types of solutions have been attempted for decades to prevent scar tissue from becoming unacceptably hard around the breast implant. When the body creates scar tissue to form around the breast implant, the condition is known as capsular contracture it can becomes painful or unacceptably firm. Textured surface implants are an attempt to solve this problem.

Scar tissue typically forms around a foreign object in a uniform manner, which allows the scar tissue to tighten and cause contracture. By adding a textured surface, manufacturers hope to prevent scar tissue fibers from laying down uniformly. According to a number of studies, a textured surface is not likely to reduce the risk of capsular contracture but other studies do find a reduction in contracture.

Anatomical implants basically require a textured surface in order serve a secondary purpose of keeping the implant from rotating or moving position. So, if you chose “anatomical” when choosing your shape of implants, you picked a textured implant by default.

Smooth Breast Implants: are ideal for patients who prefer an auxiliary or arm pit incision. Smooth implants are less favorable for very athletic patients who are having a sub muscular augmentation.

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