Breast Implant Profile

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Breast Implant Profile / Projection

Moderate Profile (regular / standard)
High Profile
Low Profile
Moderate “PLUS” Profile

PROFILE – Until recently, most patients never discussed profile with their plastic surgeons. If you chose a certain size implant, you would receive a determined amount of forward projection from that size implant. Now, you can choose an implant size and, if you like, have that size implant stick out more, or less than the base diameter would usually dictate. This works well for certain body types. Note the different heights below.

For a woman with a very narrow frame, a moderate or low profile implant that might result in a desired size, may be too wide and carry the implant too far to the cleavage and underarm. By using a high profile implant, this patient can get the larger implant she desires. By the same token, a wide framed patient may find that in order to adequately cover the natural diameter of their breast size, the desired implant would have far too much projection. A low or moderate profile might work better.

Moderate Profile Implants. This breast implant profile is the “normal” profile.

High Profile Implants. These breast implants have more projection per measurement of base diameter than a moderate profile breast implant. An added benefit of the high profile is that in order to create the profile, the side wall of the implant has more height, which may reduce visible rippling.

Low Profile Implants. These breast implants have less projection per measurement of base diameter than a moderate profile breast implant.

Moderate Plus Profile. Mentor’s breast implant line (both saline and silicone) also includes this profile which is between moderate and high profile.