Breast Implant size

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Size – How do I know what size to become?

Tip: One size does not fit all

How is the correct implant size determined?
It is essential to understand that implants do not come in A, B, C, D etc sizes. Instead, they come in volume such as ounces or cc’s. That is because the implant must be the correct volume to take you to the size you want, from the size you are to begin with. A woman who is a 36B will need a much larger implant to get to a 36D than a woman who is starting with a 32B to needs to get to 32D. So, how do we decide the volume needed?

First, how NOT to determine the implant size:

  • Not by comparison to your friends – their body shape, chest size, skin thickness, and breast size are not likely to match yours exactly!
  • Not by using famous models/actresses/singers implant sizes as your guide – how do you know what their breasts and chests looked like before their operation?
  • Not by computer simulation – computers cannot yet predict how you will heal, and though they are great for noses and faces, they are not always helpful for breasts!
  • Not by leaving it until you are in surgery – you need to know in advance what your size will look like when you wake up, not be stressed on your day on surgery.
  • Not by looking at pictures of someone else – pictures are very helpful to the surgeon in getting to understand your thoughts about shape and proportion, but pictures are a very poor way to decide on implant size.

It is all too easy to get hung up on discussions with other women about cc’s and ounces. There is a way to determine the correct size of implant for you, and even to see exactly what you look like with that size, in the clothes you like to wear! The whole point of augmentation is the final appearance, not just a number. So the secret is to focus on showing us the proportion you want, using your own body to demonstrate.

Here’s how we go about it determining the implant size:

Tip: try it before your buy it!

Step 1: You have to decide what size bra you want your new size to be. Start by trying on different sizes of non-elastic bras in the store (remember that the band number will not be changed by surgery, only the cup letter). Also remember that not all manufacturers use the same measurements for a given size – that is, not all 34C bras are the same size. So just find the particular one that you look best in! Buy that bra.

Step 2: Using a measuring cup, measure out rice and place it in a sock or socking. Measure enough to fill the bra you have purchased. Also remember to take note as to how many mils you measured out and this will help us at the time of your consultation. The rice filled stocking should be a thick sausage like shape and use as a padded bra under the breast rather than a round shape put on top the breast.

Step 3: When you have the size you think you want we recommend you put on a tight top and wear it. Go out and about and see how it feels on you and how comfortable you feel wearing that size.

Step 4: Bring your bra and filling to the office, along with photographs that you feel illustrate aspects of the appearance that are important to you.

Step 5: When you come in for your consultation we ask you to let us know what is most important for you by ranking the following in order of importance, with 1 being the most import, then 2 and so on to 6,. (And they can’t all be 1!)

Avoid Visible Rippling__
Natural look__
Lowest chance of Deflation__
Quick Recovery__

Step 6: Finally in consultation we take measurements to finalize the size that is right for your body shape and what you want to look like.

Note: Remember that there are some limitation on sizing with measurement and it may vary. But his will give you a good place to start to get an idea on what you want to look like