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As we age, our facial tissue tends to deteriorate, resulting in the descent and thinning of the face. Fat grafting is a procedure utilizing the body’s own tissue, eliminating the chances of rejection, to reintroduce fat to specific areas. When combined with a liposuction procedure, fat that has been removed can be reused to define other areas of the face and body. It may take more than one procedure to get the best result.

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Facial Fat Grafting has been in existence for many years and is effective for filling in deep facial lines, nasolabial folds, and sunken eyes. Dr. Robert Peterson and Dr. Daniel Murariu perform fat grafting on many of his facelift patients to address both major causes of facial aging: sagging (gravity) and deflation (picture a deflated balloon). The sagging is corrected by the facelift, and the fat that has been lost with age is replaced to create the most natural and realistically youthful look possible.

Facial Reshaping is a revolutionary technique in cosmetic surgery that can effectively correct:

  • Thin or gaunt face
  • Underneath the eyes
  • Long face
  • Bottom-heavy or jowly face
  • Asymmetrical face

The procedure uses minimally invasive methods and requires minimal downtime. Your own fat is extracted and then specially processed in the operating room before it is injected deep within the structures of the face to accentuate the cheekbones, midface, lips, cheeks, chin, nose, temples and jawline to reshape the face. Fat in certain areas will be permanent, though for some people it may need to be repeated.

By using this minimally invasive technique, the patient’s face can be reshaped without the prolonged downtime associated with more invasive techniques. Many early signs of aging, such as fat shifting, fat descent, or fat loss can be corrected with fat injections, which can actually delay certain aging anatomical processes. This procedure requires a thorough understanding of beauty and the anatomy of faces of all ages in order to prevent the signs of aging and create the proper proportions.

It has been discovered that liposuctioned fat is rich in stem cells. These are the undifferentiated cells that when placed in contact with the other organs will actually create or repair those organs. We have seen for years that fat (which contains stem cells) injected into the face has corrected problems with skin pigmentation, wrinkles, loss of facial volume secondary to a decrease in bony size, and other aging effects.

Therefore, patients who have facial reshaping get a double benefit; a better-shaped face and stem cells which help correct skin and other conditions.

Post Surgery

Most people return to work after a day or two or until they are comfortable with the amount of swelling present. It is essential to follow the instructions from Dr Peterson as the period after surgery is very important. There are some limitations that you have to be aware of after the operation: avoid aspirin and ibuprofen about two weeks after the surgery; also, stop smoking about 3-4 weeks before and after the procedure. Avoid massage or excessive facial movement because this can impede the relocation of the fat. To minimize irritation, ice compresses are recommended. Follow-up visits with your plastic surgeon are also very important during the recovery period. We will schedule to see you about a week after the procedure to check the grafted areas and ensure you are healing properly.

*Recovery time and experiences may vary

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