Breast Implant Shape

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—Shaped / Anatomical / Teardrop

SHAPE – Now that you have a better idea of the size of breast implants, do you want round or anatomical (also known as shaped or “tear drop”) breast implants? Anatomical implants are meant to mimic the slope of a natural breast. However, a round implant when not lying down, takes on basically the same shape.

Round Implants. What’s natural looking? Round implants, placed under the muscle may have a more natural appearance than shaped/contour implants which can appear somewhat elongated in appearance in some women. Shaped implants tend to remain stationary, so they stay in the same place. When a woman lies down, round implants on the other hand, settle back evenly, like normal breasts. When a woman stands up, the saline goes to the bottom of the implants because of gravity, and the implants assume a natural teardrop shape anyway.

Shaped, Anatomical, Tear-Drop. These are all terms used to describe an implant that is manufactured to be pre-shaped like the one pictured at right. Unlike a round implant, a “shaped” implant by design has a top and a bottom (it is tear drop shaped). These have a textured surface to avoid the implant flipping, leaving the implant upside down and misshapen in appearance. Unlike round implants, a tear-drop implant will maintain the same shape lying down, which can appear unnatural in some women.