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Labiaplasty is one of the fastest growing procedures requested by women of all ages and walks of life. This procedure is also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, labia minora reduction, inner lip reduction or labia reduction. It may be a delicate topic for some women; however the reality is more and more women are interested and not ashamed of asking for this procedure.

There are a variety of reasons women are requesting this procedure some for functional reasons or cosmetic reasons or a combination of the both. Often just feeling good about how you look can build self-esteem and self-confidence. Some patients report an improvement in their sex life as a result of this procedure and comment on the effect it has on their confidence. It can help with painful intercourse or to relieve discomfort caused by large and/or thick labia, which often interfere with their everyday life.

*Before and after images are available in private consultation.

Cosmetic Labiaplasty involves surgically reducing and/or reshaping the female external genital structures. Many women want to enhance or improve the appearance of uneven or asymmetrical labia.


How is the procedure performed?

Labiaplasty can be performed as an outpatient procedure, usually under local anesthesia. The procedure takes about 60-90 minutes. The excess tissue is marked out and removed.

How long does recovery take?

Recovery is a gradual process and it will differ from patient to patient. You can get back to exercise about two weeks after the operation and playing sports after about four to six weeks and sexual activity can resume after four to six weeks depending on your comfort levels.

What are the risks?

Labiaplasty is a safe procedure but like all operations, has some risks. Bruising will persist for about a week and swelling will decrease over about six weeks. Asymmetry is possible and scars may also detract from the result. Nevertheless, Labiaplasty is a procedure with very high satisfaction.

Oahu board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Robert Peterson and Dr. Daniel Murariu use the technique pioneered by Dr. Mark Kohout, Australia’s leading plastic surgeon. You can read about Dr. Kohout at

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